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monsters, vampire, zombie, horor comic, cute, anime, comic girls, monster girls

Laugh-out-loud horror-comedy comic set in Hellsville, featuring vampire twins, a ditzy zombie, and a nonchalant human as they tackle spooky mysteries and supernatural chaos.


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Welcome to Hellsville, where the supernatural is just a part of everyday life... and death. In this horror-comedy comic, the town's misfit residents find themselves in a whirlwind of chaos when a mysterious werewolf arrives, bringing along a trail of unsettling disappearances.At the heart of the story are Lucy and Alis, mischievous vampire twins whose thirst for adventure often leads them into trouble. Alongside them is Carys, the ditzy yet lovable zombie who always seems to stumble into the weirdest situations. Rounding out the group is Molly, an apathetic human who finds herself reluctantly swept up in the town's supernatural drama.As Hellsville's residents vanish one by one, suspicion falls squarely on the werewolf. With tensions rising and fear gripping the town, Lucy, Alis, Carys, and Molly must team up to uncover the truth behind the disappearances. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, they soon realize that not everything is as it seems in Hellsville.Filled with witty banter, quirky characters, and spine-tingling twists, "Welcome to Hellsville" is a rollercoaster ride that will leave readers howling for more. Join the fearsome foursome as they navigate the dark and hilarious streets of Hellsville, where danger lurks around every corner and nothing is ever quite what it seems.



monsters, vampire, zombie, horor comic, cute, anime, comic girls, monster girls

Introducing Alis, the analytical counterpart to her sister Lucy. With a sharp mind and a knack for problem-solving, she's the strategist of the group, balancing out Lucy's impulsiveness with her own brand of calculated cunning.

monsters, vampire, zombie, horor comic, cute, anime, comic girls, monster girls

Meet Lucy, the vivacious half of the mischievous vampire twins. With boundless energy and a love for adventure, she's always ready to dive headfirst into any situation, bringing laughter and chaos wherever she goes.

monsters, vampire, zombie, horor comic, cute, anime, comic girls, monster girls

Say hello to Carys, the ditzy yet endearing zombie with a heart of gold. Despite her absent-mindedness and clumsiness, she radiates positivity and loyalty, always bringing joy and laughter to her undead adventures.

monsters, vampire, zombie, horor comic, cute, anime, comic girls, monster girls

Last but not least, we have Molly, the nonchalant human amidst the supernatural chaos of Hellsville. With a dry wit and a pragmatic outlook, she provides a grounded perspective to her eccentric friends, offering calm amidst the storm of supernatural shenanigans.



Horror Themes: Contains elements of horror, including spooky atmospheres, supernatural creatures.Violence: Scenes depicting violence, including fighting, blood, and gore.Dark Humour: Includes humour that may be macabre, morbid, or dark in nature.Mature Language: Contains language that may be considered strong or inappropriate for younger audiences.Adult Themes: Addresses mature themes such as death, mortality, and existential dread.Substance Use: Depicts characters using substances such as alcohol or drugs.[ Other CW to be added as the comic progresses ]


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